From Jersey chick to cat lady to vintage reseller?

Born in New Jersey in 1972, I spent a mostly normal life doing mostly normal things.

In 2001, I adopted cats, and almost immediately began volunteering for the rescue organization.  This led me to become a vegetarian, and also led to a new career in animal welfare.

In 2008, after working in various customer service industries for my whole life, I began working for a national animal welfare organization.  It was my dream job and even on the worst of days, I could not believe I was there.  I was devastated when I lost that job in 2014, but spent another year working for a municipal animal shelter.

Having run the gamut of knowing NOTHING about animals, to working with a small idealistic private rescue, to a large “no kill” organization, to an open-admission shelter, I am well aware of the issues facing animals today, and believe that any help for these animals is a good thing.

While working with animals, I decided to get my first tattoo – a cat, of course.  Which then led to more tattoos.  I have 6 total (as of January 2017, at least), three of which are cat-centric.  I had become a full-blown cat lady by the time I got my animal job in 2008.  That all deserves its own website….

In 2011, I met my boyfriend who loved thrift stores.  I hated them.  I was a mid-level label snob.  But while waiting for him in thrift stores, I started finding pretty awesome labels at pretty awesome prices.  I eventually started finding cool vintage items or just unique modern pieces that I otherwise would never have been exposed to .

I started sharing my “outfit of the day” on Instagram and discovered a whole WORLD of people selling vintage items on Instagram.  I learned about Pyrex, vintage glass, kitschy cats (OMG!), cathrineholm, MCM, and all sorts of other amazing vintage.

Probably around 2013 I began selling vintage on Instagram myself.  I eventually branched out to Etsy, and in January of 2016 when I was laid off from the municipal shelter, I began focusing on selling vintage full time.  I didn’t believe it could actually be my REAL JOB until maybe August or September 2017.

As of January 2017, I am trying to see if I can buckle down enough to make this a full time profitable gig, while my boyfriend helps to support the cats and myself .

It’s been a fun trip and I am in a second career that I never imagined would be part of my life!

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