Hello, World!

My first "Cattoo"!

My first “Cattoo”!

Welcome to my blog!  Hopefully.  I started this over 2 years ago and wrote a post once every….oh…..8 months or so?  It evolves constantly in my head, but never online.  So I decided to start from scratch (haha…scratch?  Cats? Nevermind…).

Originally, my intention for this blog was to talk about the Cat Lady phenomenon.  Most people are familiar with the Crazy Cat Lady, and as soon as you have more than one cat (especially if you are….gasp….SINGLE) you must be a Crazy Cat Lady (CCL).   My theory was that this has driven the “normal” cat lovers underground and I wanted us to step into the light and shine!  Rescue the Reputation of the Cat Lady!

The issue with this is….I have MET a lot of Cat Ladies, and about 90% of them totally fit the CCL profile.   It makes it incredibly difficult for the rest of us to be credible.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t try! So I will use this blog to talk about how you can be a Cat Lady and NOT be Crazy!

I was first introduced to cats (like, REALLY introduced) in 2001 when I adopted two from a private rescue organization.  Little did I know at the time, that first step would lead me to a brand new career, a new outlook on what is important in my life, and also….to tattoos!  SWEET.  I plan to touch on all of that.  This blog will be for you ladies that have only 2 cats (or 3, or 5…) but it is also for the ladies involved in rescue.  Whether you have 5, 15, or 50 cats – you can be a Cat Lady, and still be Fabulous.

Besides cats, though, there are so many other things we will talk about!  Vintage and thrifting are two of my other favorite topics.  Not to mention coffee, and dating, and how hard it is to become a vegan but how I really really need to make it happen because the farm animal industry is a nightmare…..

Please stay tuned for my future posts!  There will be so much.  Tattoos (and Cattoos!  It’s a thing!).  Keeping hair off of your clothes.  Cat-proofing your home.  Dressing like a rock star!  How thrift shopping made me a Cat Lady Fashion Icon.  And practical rescuer tips – how to set up a welcoming and comforting cage for a new rescue; how to introduce new cats; how to recognize if you are a hoarder; and so much more.

Thanks for reading!